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the JOURNEY OF BUILDING World's first vr museum at nyu

In the Gallatin Arts Festival of 2018, The Virtual Reality Museum, the first in the world of its kind, premiered from April 9th-April 13th. 

"Within Classical"

Description: Anna Kotyza’s VR gallery room will envelop the viewer in a mesmerizing classical music experience called “Within Classical.” Renowned musicians – personal friends of Anna’s – will bring the music pieces alive in an affecting way that only virtual reality can do. Music and sound design elements will reveal the craft and distinctness of the celebrated musicians playing.

Cynthia Allen’s course “Future Reality: Trends and Impact of New Media” explores virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and mixed reality (MR) and how these mediums have come to be an integral part of new media culture in the 21st century. The genesis of and their relevance to new media are cultural imperatives, which the class studies and analyzes from a creative, historical, psychological, philosophical, marketing, and technological perspective. The Virtual Reality Museum provides a dedicated “space” or individual student galleries where students exhibited their projects. The individuals participating are Matias Alvial, Shushu Chen, Dylan Colby, Myka Cue, Leo De Rothschild, Pasan Dharmasena, Max Felb, Rogue Fong, Anna Kotyza, Zans Krohn, Audrey Lee, Jack Lee, Mia Mamede, Yonatan Medina, A’Nisa Megginson, Zayna Quader, Madison Reis, and Angela Yu. 

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